Our company is one of the leading irrigation companies in Turkey and Europe, which carries out works on use, popularization and development of pressurized irrigation systems in our country and the world with the products it produces.

It produces sprinkler irrigation systems, drip irrigation systems and filter systems under the title of pressurized irrigation systems needed by agricultural sector by taking customer satisfaction and quality production as a goal until today.

While our company delivers its products to our farmers who are ultimate consumers with dealer network created in Turkey, it has a place in the world market through distributors and representatives in many countries in continents of Europe, Asia and Africa.

Our company is the pioneer of innovation by applying innovations required by technology to the products it produces in line with total quality principles and customer satisfaction together with professional technical staff.

Our company which has many patent, design registration and utility model certificates related to the products it produces as a result of its R&D works, continues its R&D activities in order to maintain and increase the standards it has reached for this purpose.


Competition environment in our company's sector requires existence of effective processes that ensures customer satisfaction and performance results that are adapted to our company's goals and predicted consistently.

Our policy is to provide creative products and services in product and service portfolio by following technology constantly in order to be successful in world quality standards, investigating sectoral developments and improvements, attaching importance to education and applying and adapting it to products and services

To ensure customer satisfaction and to give after sale support without delay by understanding expectations and requests of our customers, implementing conditions specified in applicable standards and regulations

To be a pioneer in enabling environmental compatibility of technology we use; to comply with environmental legislation by preserving environment and nature and supporting remedial actions

To encourage vocational training of our employees who produce the product, to comply with applicable OSH legislation in order to ensure safety

To see team spirit and team work as one of the main elements of our company culture

To keep our product quality at the highest level depending on the working environment, to develop and improve it continuously in accordance with interests of the country.


Mission is to release products which are in compliance with international standards by accessing information, producing information and transforming information into life with professional staff having sense of production which is respectful to human values in changing world conditions with investigative, interrogative, analysing mentality in order to ensure continuity of customer satisfaction and trust.

Vision is to become a company which grows steadily with the participation of all our employees and has competitive power on a global scale and one of the companies which shape the sector with quality product and quality service concepts benefiting from science and technology continuously.